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Here at Pursuit Hockey Development, we intend to help shape young athletes into professionals, on and off the ice. 

What most people should realize is how equally important it is to stay on top of your conditioning and skills, as well as your character to develop and move on to play the game we all love for as long as we can. It takes strong, independent, and mentally tough individuals to pursue their dreams and make them a reality.

It is our mission to help every one of our clients reach their goals while becoming respectful and responsible individuals, teaching them to use the skills they practice in sport and translate them into their everyday life to guide them through the real world.

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Pursuit Management

At Pursuit, our goal is long term success of its clients.

We are fully committed to your journey, we educate and prepare our clients for the various stages of a player’s career. We provide a proper assessment of a player’s strengths and weaknesses to help design and implement player specific personal plans for success. 

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