At Pursuit Hockey Development, we offer advising to our players as our Staff and Advisors here have played prep hockey, played minor hockey, played junior hockey, coached junior hockey, played college hockey, played at the minor-professional level, and scouted for many levels of hockey. Long story longer… We’ve been there. We offer our experience as well as our wisdom as guidance for a young athlete approaching what can be an unforgiving world of hockey. We have found along the way it is always solid to have someone who believes in you, in your corner.

With our connections in the world of junior hockey, we are confident that we are able to ensure you are in a great place to develop and play to the best of your abilities while improving. While we won’t always agree, we never force anybody into any decision.. You must make your own triumphs and mistakes, with our help and advice. In any decision we vow as advisors to help you through your mistakes and misfortunes, as well as praise and support you for your successes. We are not agents, we are a tool for players to use as help through their junior careers into college.


Our Under 20 Development team hits the ice between the months of April and July, playing in showcases, practicing once a week, doing off-ice summer workouts, participating in video sessions, doing volunteer work, and building lasting friendships.  We have Pursuit Alumni from Canada, the USA, and Sweden, who are still in touch today.

With our connections, we strive to always have a diverse pool of hockey players and make that list of countries and friends longer! That is representative of our company values and identity.  Positive Development of young athletes.

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Our Mission

The PHD Scholarship, was developed by our founders to provide an opportunity for players who may need a little extra help when it comes to finances along their path.  Hockey is expensive and getting exceedingly expensive by the year, and we are in search of 2 focused athletes seeking to reach the next level.   The pathway to success can be different for all, but it is no secret that one common denominator in this business, is that it costs money to get opportunities.  We are hoping to close some of those gaps between ability to afford, and ability to compete for 2 lucky players. 
Players between the ages of 16 through 25 will be considered as this is the age in which most players are becoming autonomous when it comes to affording hockey through junior and college.

Should you be awarded one of the PHD scholarships, you will receive a minimum of $1500 donated directly to the organization or college you are set to play for in the upcoming season.  The PHD scholarship has started as a small scale fund to help just a few players while we can, but we hope to grow into a large fund with many donors that share our passion for developing young athletes and giving them the opportunities that their abilities deserve, not just dictated by the financial situation they find themselves in. If you agree, scroll below and get involved today.

Any donations towards towards the scholarship will help grow the fund immediately for our recipients, and help make some dreams come true.

Deadline for applicants: July 25th, 2024

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