Pursuit Hockey Management is a full-service agency that sees the big picture.

At Pursuit, our goal is long term success of its clients. We are fully committed to your journey, we educate and prepare our clients for the various stages of a player’s career. We provide a proper assessment of a player’s strengths and weaknesses to help design and implement player specific personal plans for success. Through an individual relationship of trust and cooperation with our clients we ensure to take them to the next level.



At Pursuit it is paramount that our players are happy, comfortable, confident, and have everything they need to succeed. Our knowledge, work ethic, and stick-to-itiveness to acquire all wants, needs, and desires in your contract is what we bring to the table.


At Pursuit it is important to us that we identify our players’ strengths and weaknesses in order for us to provide proper direction and help our players get better, as well as representing them professionally. To do this, we hold development skates for our clients, analyze video or attend games, offer professional nutrition advice, and ensure our players adhere to their training regiment.


Getting ready to take the jump to major junior, or the professional level can be an anxiety ridden process. Our representatives do their absolute best to make sure you are in the right headspace and down here on earth for Draft Day. Take the Jump with Pursuit.

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