Carson Johnstone

Founder and President of Pursuit Hockey Development

Carson uses his knowledge and experience in the hockey world to guide his clients as an Advisor and Representative. From playing prep hockey in Maine, College in Alberta, and across the pond in Sweden, Carson has some interesting and unique hockey experiences that have allowed him to translate his skills and lessons learned to future and prospective student athletes. Carson also runs Skill Development and coaches Pursuit’s U20 team.  When he is not working with Pursuit, he coaches the FEIA Falcons U18 program and Co-hosts a Podcast (GM32 – The Hockey Podcast) with Vito Scaringi.

Responsibilities: COO, Player Advisor, Amateur Representative, Consultant, Skill Developer, U20 Head Coach.

Nikita Mandrik

Co-Founder and Head Agent of Pursuit Hockey Management

Nikita uses a combination of extensive business and hockey knowledge to create winning relationships with his clients and help them reach and pursue their goals. Nikita is responsible for enhancing his clients’ professional careers as well as their life after professional sports.  Nikita uses much of the knowledge and wisdom he has gained in his own playing career, as well as continuing to learn so he can help guide his clients to success. Nikita continues to build and maintain strong relationships with people in the business and hockey world to grow and widen Pursuit’s opportunities for it’s professional hockey players and clients. 

Responsibilities: CEO, Player Agent, Professional Representative, Consultant, Skill Developer

Chris Sacco

Vice President and Player Agent

Chris brings his experience to the table with a strong pool of connections in the world of hockey. Chris’s strength’s allow him to build good relationships with teams and his clients and help them pursue their dreams. Chris has taken a strong interest in girls hockey and creating equal opportunity for females in our sport and has done a good job so far. Chris uses his knowledge he has learned from being a former goaltender to assess the game and help guide his clients as well as using the knowledge he has learned coaching Junior hockey for the past 6 years.

Responsibilities: Player Agent, Player Representative, U20 Assistant Coach.

Chris Bazaluk

Player Representative and Northern Ontario Scout

One of Pursuit’s longest Standing Employees, Chris looks after the Northern part of Ontario for our development, recruiting/scouting team. With strong family roots and a son of his own (Mason) going through the process, Chris knows first-hand the challenges and expectations of playing and being a junior hockey player. Chris has helped Pursuit build relationships across Ontario, and has started dabbling into the world of professional hockey as well. Chris has extensive knowledge of the business side of hockey making him one of our most trusted consultants, advisors, and professional representatives.

Responsibilities: Player Advisor, Amateur Representative, Consultant, Advising Mentor.

Jesse Parker

Head Player Advisor


Jesse uses his strong personal skills and massive contact pool to place his clients in great spots for their development on their way to college. Jesse has built an excellent rapport with many General Managers and coaches in the junior hockey world who trust him and whom he trusts. Jesse is conscious of his player’s desires and wants, while also honest and realistic with his clients to keep them focused and down on earth while working hard towards the goals they set together. Jesse is approachable, fair, and enthusiastic with his clients to ensure they are satisfied with our services and get to where they want to be.

Responsibilities: Player Advancement, Head Player Advisor, Consultant, Skill Developer, U20 Development Coach.

Johan Eriksson

Player Representative and European Liaison

Johan helps bridge the gap between Europe and North America by being extremely well connected in Europe and in Junior hockey in North America. Johan’s strong personal skills and work ethic help him fulfill his clients wants and needs, as well as helping players move on to places where they can develop. Johan has several years of experience as a General Manager and Scout/Recruiter in the game and is currently working with the Toronto Predators. 

Responsibilities: European Liaison, Player Advisor, Amateur Representative, Consultant.

Nick Bisser

Training Player Advisor / Recruiter

Nick brings us connection to the younger generation of players while bringing a positive and eager to learn attitude. Not to mention a diploma in sports administration. Nick has worked closely with some Junior teams within the Niagara Region and looks forward to reaching outward and growing his network of hockey connections. Nick’s work ethic and enthusiasm is what attracts people to want to work with him. We are excited to have him part of the team. Contact him today to help you with your junior or college career.

Responsibilities: Training Player Advisor, Training Amateur Representative, Consultant, Scout/Recruiter.

Max Nagy

Sports Management Enthusiast & Economics Expert

Max uses his knowledge of sports and the management side of hockey to obtain contracts for his clients and seek out positions for players and coaches in the professional world. Max has recently relocated to Dryden, Ontario and looks to grow his network in Northern Ontario as well as continue working virtually with his current clients. Max’s work ethic, honesty, and transparent personality make him a pleasure to work with and a valued member of the Pursuit Staff.

Responsibilities: Endorsement acquisition, Player Agent/Representative, Scout/Recruiter.

Chris Johnstone

Father of Carson Johnstone & Company Mentor.

Chris, otherwise known as “Scoot” is one of the more well known coaches in the Niagara Region. To go along with many personal scoring records still held at the Rochester Institute of Technology in the NCAA, Chris has coached in the OHL, GOJHL, NCAA, and everything in between. Chris uses his vault of hockey knowledge to coach Pursuit clients and develop young players. Chris has always loved passing on his priceless knowledge in the game of hockey and continues to do so as a mentor, coach, and scout here with Pursuit. We are extremely lucky to have Chris on board and a part of growing our business and development program.

Responsibilities: Director of Player Development, Scout/Recruiter, Skill Development, U20 Assistant Coach.

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